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Pastoral Services

Victoria Glen Manor has an active Pastoral Care Committee. This committee is responsible for delivery of the spiritual care activities such as regular weekly church services, mass, communion, Bible study, visitations and memorial services for residents.

Housekeeping/Laundry Services

Victoria Glen Manor provides housekeeping services to all areas of the building including resident rooms. 

Residents are encouraged to bring their own pictures and other articles for their rooms to make them more "homey". 

All beds, dressers, and night stands are supplied by VGM. Residents may bring some of their own furniture. For safety reasons, any incoming furniture should be approved beforehand by the VGM administration.

Victoria Glen Manor provides complete laundry services for all our residents. This includes both linen and personal clothing items.

All linens (bedding, towels, and aprons) are supplied by VGM.

All articles of clothing and washable personal possessions must be labeled with the resident’s name. These labels are provided by VGM. When new clothing is purchased or brought in as a gift it should be taken to the laundry department immediately for labeling. 

Minor repairs of residents' personal laundry will be done by our laundry staff whenever possible.

Hair Dressing

A hair stylist is at VGM every week. This optional service is available to all residents. Cost is minimal and payment is the residents' responsibility.

Current Hair Care Costs:

Men's Cut - $7.00

Women's Set - $12.00
Woman's Cut - $12.00

Perm -  $45.00

Color - $40.00

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